Designs that meets your needs precisely.

We are an outsourcing firm passionate about the creation of all types of mechanical CAD Services.
TheCADfirm prides itself in combining innovation in Design CAD Services technology to provide comprehensive, accurate and quality mechanical design as per your requirements.



We provide 2D CAD Drawing & Drafting services for Mechanical Engineers all over the globe. Quick and cost-effective, we provide Computer Aided Design services for a wide range of clients. We create detailed 2D CAD drawings including plan, elevation and sections of all types of mechanical parts, auto parts, including sheet metal parts, fabrication drawings & assembly drawings.

Services we offer:

Corrections to existing 2D drawings.

2D Exploded views of an assembly.

Orthographic and Perspective projections from 3D models.

Show finer details through various views.

BOM (Bill of material).

And many more.....


TheCADfirm’s 3D modelling services include realistic views of your design from different angles to evaluate its functionality and aesthetic qualities. Using the latest standards and techniques in 3D modelling, we can help you create high-quality, detailed, true 3D models for display and demonstration of your project.  

We can make your product from an idea freehand outlines/2d drawings to a model. We embrace 3D modelling drawing, drafting, demonstrating & transformation assignments for different Automotive parts, general designing parts, consumer durable and so on.

Services we offer:

Part modelling

3D Concept modelling

Assembly modelling

Surface modelling

Sheet metal design


3D Product animation

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